CHYS.INFO 重启了,主要内容仍然是技术杂记。主题不定,完全由我当时的兴趣决定。不求流量,不求关注。

整个站点用 Node.js 重写了,博客部分也是自己写的。只因为近期突然对前端技术有了一点兴趣,随便一试。

以前的博文全部丢了,本来想转移一部分有价值的过来,但是发现最新的本地备份还是 2010 年的,也罢。


CHYS.INFO is finally restarted. Most of it is still casual programming notes. There’s no fixed topic. I write whatever interests me.

The whole site is rewritten in Node.js including the blog system, thanks to my recent interest in front-end technologies.

All my earlier blog posts were lost. I planned to recover some of them, only to find out the most recent local backup was from 2010.

I’ll continue to write in both Chinese and English. I can’t promise to translate everything, though.